The park is closed to the public for construction until fall 2021, weather permitting. Due to vandalism of the fence and items within the park in September, there may be delays to completing the park construction.

The City is upgrading R.V. Burgess Park and playground to increase accessibility and improve the space for park users. The improvements will include a new playground, additional seating, a new shade shelter, a community message board, and an updated drainage system throughout the park.

Project Timeline

  • Winter 2018 to Summer 2020: Design and public consultation
  • Fall 2020: Construction procurement
  • June to October 2021: Construction
  • Fall 2021: Construction complete, park reopens

The timeline is subject to change.

R.V. Burgess Park is a 1.5-hectare park near Don Mills Road and Overlea Boulevard that features a community garden, a splash pad and a children’s playground.

The City of Toronto has undertaken a public consultation process with the support of the Councillor’s Office to determine the needs and recreational priorities of R.V. Burgess park users. A Working Group was formed in late 2019 to bring the various voices of Thorncliffe Park together to guide the park design process.

The new park design is focused on play, families, community and accessibility.

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Park Improvements

The final design for the R.V Burgess Park and Playground improvements includes new amenities such as accessible benches and picnic tables, upgrades to the drainage and sub-drainage system, concrete seat walls at the splash pad and play areas, outdoor fitness equipment elements and a shade shelter with a community information board. The existing pathway system will be upgraded to align with major north-south and east-west travel routes.
The final design for the R.V Burgess Park and Playground improvements.

The park will be enhanced with the addition of new amenities like:

  • New accessible benches and picnic tables
  • Upgrades to the drainage system and a new sub-drainage system
  • New concrete seat walls and armour stone seating at the splash pad and play areas
  • New outdoor fitness equipment elements adjacent to the new playground
  • Updates to the existing pathway system. The pathway will be resurfaced and slightly widened to align with major north-south and east-west travel routes
  • New shade shelter with picnic tables and a community information board adjacent to the school
  • The water fountain will be relocated and upgraded to a water bottle filling station
  • New pathway connecting the existing community centre and community garden
  • New planting beds with native plant species

Playground Improvements

The existing playground in the park will remain and a new playground will be installed under tree canopy. The play surface material at the existing swing set and play structure will also be upgraded with cedar based engineer wood fiber and drainage. The new play area will include:

  • A large climbing structure with netting, a bridge and a tall slide
  • A multi-level spinner
  • Natural play components like boulder logs
  • Accessible play panels like:
    • A word tumble panel
    • A treasure panel
    • A xylophone panel
    • A mini-push panel
A computer rendering of the climbing structure with a bridge, a slide and a multi-level spinner.
A new large climbing structure with a bridge, a slide and a multi-level spinner to be installed in the play area.
Examples of play panels. From left to right: treasure panel; wood tumble panel; xylophone panel; mini push panel; braille/sign panel
An example of the accessible play panels that will be installed in the new play area.

August 2021

Due to recent vandalism of the fence and items within the park, there may be delays to completing the park construction. Vandalism to the construction fence and/or items within the park adds time and cost to the project, as clean-up and replacement of vandalized items needs to occur.

For your safety and to assist in the timely completion of the project, please stay out of the park until the contractor removes the fence.

January 2021

Construction Contract Awarded

A construction contract has been awarded to a successful bidder. Construction is anticipated to start in Spring 2021.

April 20, 2020

Working Group Engagement Session No. 3

The Design Team presented the final design concept with a number of refinements and details seeking additional input. The Working Group expressed support for the final design and gave the green light to proceed to the next phase.

January 7, 2020

Working Group Engagement Session No.2

The Design Team presented a third iteration of the concept plan. The Working Group gave their support to the revised plan with minor edits. The Working Group expressed interest in seeing additional details and design refinements prior to the finalization of the plan.

July 3, 2019

Working Group Engagement Session No. 1

A Working Group was assembled to represent the various stakeholders in Thorncliffe Park. The Design Team presented a revised concept with the current playground footprint redesigned to maximize the play equipment layout. The Working Group felt that the revised concept plan addressed some of the feedback received to-date however further work is required.

June 6, 2019

Park Pop-Up Event

The Design Team met with community members in RV Burgess Park. The intent of the pop-up event was to inform the community of the project and gather feedback on some preliminary design ideas. This was also an opportunity to engage with children directly to gather feedback on new play equipment options.

The team presented playground equipment options and gathered input on the preferred equipment design. The community asked that the City consider making a new playground area in addition to the existing playground areas. The community selected the preferred equipment design.

March 27, 2019

Thorncliffe Park Community Open House

City Staff were in attendance to answer questions regarding the project during an Open House event hosted by the Councillor’s Office.

January 14, 2019

Public Meeting No. 2

The Design Team presented a preliminary concept plan. The community reviewed the concept and provided feedback. The community advised the Design Team that the concept does not reflect all park users’ needs and priorities and asked to revisit the design plan. Key design moves should focus on families, children and seniors by maximizing the playground footprint, adding seating (benches and picnic tables), and preserving as much of the green space as possible.

March 15, 2018

Public Meeting No.1

An introduction to the project, a discussion on community needs, priorities, and available project funding.