Visit the Design section for more information on the final design.

The City is improving Robertson Davies Park as part of a development project at  281-289 Avenue Rd. The park design will be developed with the help of community feedback and will focus on improving safety and accessibility. This project is not related to the consultation conducted by Hydro One in 2016-2017 which involved tree removal, pathway upgrades and tree plantings.

Project Timeline

  • Winter to Summer 2021: Design development and community engagement
  • Fall 2021: Detailed design
  • Fall 2022: Construction starts
  • Winter 2023: Construction complete

The timeline is subject to change.

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May 2022

The final design for the park improvements is available in the Design section. Construction is anticipated to start in Fall 2022.

Phase 2: Preferred Design

June 2021

Online Survey

From May 14 to June 7, 2021, feedback on the final designs, informed by previous stakeholder and community feedback, was collected in an online survey. The survey received 172 responses, which included feedback from 298 individuals of various ages.

Download the full survey summary report for more information.

Phase 1: Proposed Design

February 2021

Online Survey

From January 25 to February 26, 2021, feedback on the proposed design was collected in an online survey. The survey received 172 responses, which included feedback from 117 individuals of various ages.

Download the consultation summary report.

Virtual Public Meeting

On February 10, 2021, a virtual public meeting was hosted by City staff to present the proposed design for the park improvements, collect community feedback , and share perspectives and priorities. Feedback from this meeting will help inform the final design of the park.

Download the meeting presentation.

The final preferred design for the park improvements, which was informed by community feedback, includes:

  • An accessible pathway to the park from Avenue Road
  • New lighting and electrical systems
  • New plantings along the north edge of the park
  • Updated plantings at the existing park entrance
  • Irrigation
  • A low decorative iron fence along Avenue Road
  • New benches and an accessible picnic table

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This image shows the Preferred Design plan in aerial view, with labels indicating park improvements. The Preferred Design includes an updated accessible loop pathway off of Avenue Road, new lighting poles, a low decorative fence along Avenue Road, and new benches and an accessible picnic table.

  1. Accessible picnic table seating
  2. New bench seating
  3. New shrub buffer
  4. Low decorative iron fence
  5. Existing trees to remain
  6. New light post along walkway