The new Ruddington Park Playground is open! Thank you to all the community members who provided their feedback throughout the playground improvement process!

The City is planning improvements to the playground in Ruddington Park. These improvements are part of an ongoing city-wide program to ensure our playgrounds provide safe and accessible fun for many years to come!

  • Summer 2021: Concept design
  • Fall 2021: Collect feedback on multiple playground options
  • Winter 2021: Detailed design and hire a construction team
  • Early Fall 2022: Construction
  • Late Winter 2022: Construction complete

The timeline is subject to change.

September 2022

Final Playground Design

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The final design for the new Ruddington Park Playground, which has been refined based on community feedback. It will include the play features listed below.

The final playground design and layout was determined using feedback from the community. The new playground will be accessible and will include the following features:

  • A swing set with:
    • two belt swings
    • one toddler swing
    • one accessible swing
  • One senior play structure for ages five to 12 with:
    • one large curved slide
    • one Large straight slide
    • six climbing options
    • multiple play panels
  • One junior play structure for ages two to five with:
    • dual slide
    • two climbing options
    • a wheel play panel
  • One spring toy
  • One spring teeter tooter
  • One quiet play area
Site Plan

An aerial site plan of Ruddington Park, which shows the location of features with number and letter labels. The playground is located at the east side of the site plan and parallel on the west side is the a seating area and outdoor fitness equipment circuit. A curved pathway connects the west with the north side of the park.

October 2021

Online Survey

A survey collected feedback on the park and playground improvements from September 27 to November 1, 2021. The survey received a total of 167 responses, which included input from 305 participants of various ages.

Download the full survey summary report for more information.

Ruddington Park is located at 75 Ruddington Dr., near Bayview and Cummer Avenue. The children’s playground is at the south-east side of the park and currently includes:

  • One swing set with:
    • Two swings for ages two to five
    • Two swings for ages five and up
  • A combined junior/senior climbing structure with:
    • A small slide
    • A large slide
    • Several climbing options
    • A sliding pole
    • A climbing pole
  • A climbing structure with:
    • Two sets of monkey bars
    • Two horizontal bars
    • Two platforms
  • A small sandbox
  • Sand under all play areas
  • Four benches

The playground will be redesigned using feedback from the community. The redesigned playground is proposed to include:

  • Accessible play equipment and an accessible entry to the new playground area. This means that people of all abilities will be able to play at this playground.
  • Playground equipment for ages two to thirteen
  • Additional seating
  • Woodchip playground surfacing
  • A shade structure (pending available budget)

Improvements will only be made in the general playground area. This will not include any new water or lighting features, or improvements to other areas of the park.