The City is improving Silver Creek Park. The improvements will provide new park amenities for the community to enjoy for years to come!

  • Summer 2021: Hire a design team
  • Fall 2021: Community engagement
  • Late Fall/Winter 2021: Design development
  • January to Fall 2022: Hire a construction team
  • October 2022: Construction starts
  • Spring 2023: Construction complete

The timeline is subject to change.

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March to June 2023

Ball Diamond Improvements Start

The ball diamond improvements, which include a new backstop fence, bleachers and dugouts, will take place from March to June 2023. During this time, there will be fencing in areas adjacent to the ball diamond. These improvements are supported by the Martingrove Baseball Association and Jays Care Foundation.

December 2022

Construction Update

The park improvements were partially completed and the park opened to the public. The group swing and the shade structure will be installed in spring 2023.

September 2022

Construction Update

Construction of the park improvements will start in October 2022. Site 1, which includes the area around the existing playground and path to the parking lot, and Site 2 which includes the southeast portion of the park off of Waterford Drive will be closed for construction from October to December 2022. Refer to the site map in the Design section.

Due to supply chain challenges, the new park swing will be installed in spring 2023, after the main construction period. During the three week swing installation period, the west side of the playground (where the swing will be installed) and the path to the parking lot will be closed to the public.

November 2021

Online Survey

Feedback on the preferences for the proposed improvements to the park was collected in an online survey from October 26 to November 9, 2021. The survey received a total of 204 responses, which included feedback from 419 participants of various ages.

Download the survey results summary.

October 26, 2021

Virtual Public Meeting

Approximately 60 people joined a virtual public meeting to learn more about the project, review the proposed concept design and share their thoughts on the proposed park improvements. The design team will use this feedback to develop and refine the design for the park improvements.

Download the:

September 28, 2021

Stakeholder Meeting 2

Local resident association groups, the Councillor’s office, City Staff and the design consultants met virtually to review preliminary design concepts for the park improvements project.

August 25, 2021

Stakeholder Meeting 1

Local resident association groups, the Councillor’s office and City Staff and the design consultants met virtually to discuss the park improvements project, including proposed features and amenities.

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Overall Site Plan

An aerial map of Silvercreek park showing that the improvements will take place at two sites. Site 1 is located in the south west of the park, around the current playground, with a pathway connecting to the existing parking lot. Site 2 is locate on the south east end of the park, off of Waterford Drive.

Site 1 Plan

An aerial site plan on of the site 1 improvements on the left, with the feature additions shown on the right. Features include 1. A Path Loop Extension , 2. A Team Swing, 3. An Adult Fitness Area, 4. A Shade Canopy, 5. An Accessible Picnic Table with Shade, 6. New Benches, 7. An Accessible Picnic Table, 8. A Water Fountain and Bottle Filler, 9. New Trees, 10. A Sidewalk, 11. A Sand Play Area

Improvements to Site 1 include:

  1. Path loop extension
  2. Team swing
  3. Adult fitness area
  4. Shade canopy
  5. Accessible picnic table with shade
  6. New bench
  7. Accessible picnic table
  8. Water fountain and bottle filler
  9. New trees
  10. Sidewalk
  11. Sand play area

Site Plan 2

An aerial site plan on of the site 2 improvements on the left, with the feature additions shown on the right. New featured include (2) trees will be added in the greenspace area and (1) a new seating area with three benches will be included off of Waterford Drive.

Site 2 improvements include:

  1. Seating area
  2. New trees

Silver Creek Park is a 3.9 hectare park located at 44 Strathdee Dr., near Islington Avenue and Eglinton Avenue West. The park currently includes a ball diamond, outdoor tennis courts, a playground and a drinking fountain. The proposed park improvements were developed using feedback from the community and will include:

  • An outdoor ping pong table
  • Outdoor fitness equipment
  • An accessible disc swing
  • Picnic tables
  • Shade structure for sand play area
  • New water fountain/bottle filler
  • Additional seating

The park improvements design will be developed in consultation with the community. The project will not include improvements to Richmond Gardens Pool or the associated building.