Planting in the formal garden at the south end of the park is expected to be completed in spring 2021. It is being designed and planted by the Garden Club of Toronto, a volunteer organization that also created the original garden.

St. James Park has undergone improvements identified in the conceptual master plan developed through extensive consultation with stakeholders and the public.

Project Timeline

  • May 2018 to fall 2018: Phase One
  • Summer 2019 to August 2020: Phase Two

Project timelines are subject to change.

Phase One

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A drawing showing the area that will be closed for improvements. Click to expand concept design.

The improvements include:

  • a new, custom playground with a market theme and waterplay feature
  • a new entry plaza at the north-east entrance (Jarvis and Adelaide) with seating and a heritage interpretation lighting feature
  • new park lighting
  • new tree planting
  • horticultural planting
  • new accessible connecting walkways.

The existing metal trellis and vine near the northeast entrance will remain in place.

Phase Two

The second phase of park improvements will be implemented in 2019 to 2020 and will include all areas of the park outside of Phase One, following the approved master plan.

Phase two site plan showing updated entry plazas and new central plaza and pavilion of St. James Park
Phase two site plan showing updated entry plazas and new central plaza and pavilion of St. James Park

The improvements include:

  • new entry plazas at 3 corner locations (SE, SW, NW), each with seating and a unique heritage interpretation feature
  • new central plaza with seating
  • new open-air park pavilion located on the east side of the new central plaza
  • new park lighting throughout, with LED light fixtures that match those used in Phase 1
  • new park feature lighting at central plaza and pavilion including a seasonal lighting element
  • new tree planting
  • revitalization of the existing garden along King Street with wider paths, new benches, and new planting
  • the fountain in the garden will remain
  • new accessible connecting walkways throughout the park

Conceptual Images

August 2020

Phase Two was completed in August 2020, with the exception of portions of the formal garden at the south end of the park. Due to COVID 19, this planting was postponed until spring 2021.

December 2019

The southern area of the park, including the formal garden area along King Street East, and two new entry plazas on King Street are open to the public. The central plaza area and the connecting path to the north-west entry plaza on Adelaide Street remain closed for the winter. The park improvements are anticipated to be completed in early summer 2020.

December 2018

The first phase of park improvements, implementing the master plan, was completed, including the new playground and entry plaza at Jarvis and Adelaide.


The improvements were identified in the approved conceptual master plan for park improvements. The master plan was developed with extensive consultation with stakeholders, the local Councillor and the public.

If you’d like to review these documents, please contact the project coordinator.