A new basketball court is coming to Tom Riley Park as part of the Parks and Recreation Facilities Master Plan. The design will include a new full-court basketball court, seating and pathways.

December 7, 2023

The project continues to be paused. More information will be shared on this page as soon as it is available.

August 14, 2023

The project is paused pending additional community consultation.

February 6, 2023

The project team is revising the proposed design for the new basketball court and will engage the community for feedback in spring 2023. Information on how to participate will be shared on this page and with on-site signage. The project timeline has been updated, with construction anticipated to start in fall 2023.

November 10, 2022

As the project team works to expand basketball play opportunities for Etobicoke residents and enhance the qualities that residents enjoy in Tom Riley Park, it has received a variety of feedback from local residents and park users.

Based on public input and its ongoing design and investigative work, the project team continues to fine-tune the project plans and will provide a more detailed project update in the coming weeks. This update will include a summary of comments received from the public and responses from city staff on key themes and concerns. The signage located on-site and the project webpage will be updated shortly to reflect the latest project timeline.

Tom Riley Park is a 14.8-hectare park located at Dundas Street West and Islington Avenue that follows Mimico Creek to Bloor Street West. The park features a ball diamond, a multipurpose sports field, tennis courts, a playground and community garden.

As part of the Parks and Recreation Facilities Master Plan (FMP), the City has reviewed Toronto’s existing basketball facilities to determine if improvements and/or new facilities are required in order to keep up with demand for the sport.


The new basketball court will be located north of Bloor Street and east of the existing community gardens. This location was selected due to its close proximity to the parking lot, and the flat ground and low number of trees in the area.

The basketball court will be located more than 100 metres from the nearest residential building at 1 Aberfoyle Cres., with Aberfoyle Crescent, a community garden, and a wooded area located in between. These elements, in addition to Bloor Street West to the south, will help absorb noise created by basketball court users. The City is also exploring adding new trees around the perimeter of the court to reduce noise.

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An aerial map of Tom Riley Park, showing the location of the new basketball court in red. The basketball court will be located parallel to Bloor Street, east of Aberfoyle Crescent.

In December 2021, an arborist performed a site assessment in the area where the new basketball court will be installed, and identified 11 trees that needed to be removed because they were dead, quickly dying or an invasive species. Dead trees can be detrimental to the park ecosystem as they can be home to invasive species that can easily spread and infect healthy trees.


At approximately 94 feet long and 50 feet wide, the basketball court will have a small footprint relative to the size of the park, which is equal to approximately six football fields, and includes several hectares of open green space.