Take an online survey or complete the Kids’ Activity book in PowerPoint or print. Submit the Activity Book and complete the survey by August 16, 2020.

The City is planning improvements to the playground in Tom Riley Park in order to better serve the community’s needs while also preserving the natural character and history of the surrounding park.

Project Timeline

  • August to October 2020: Community consultation and concept development
  • November 2020: Presentation of the final design
  • December 2020 to January 2021: Detailed design development
  • February to March 2021: Construction Procurement
  • Summer/Fall 2021: Construction begins
  • Winter 2021: Park scheduled to open

The timeline is subject to change.

Tom Riley Park is a 14.8-hectare park at Dundas Street West and Islington Avenue that follows Mimico Creek to Bloor Street West. The playground in the park will be enhanced as part of a state-of-good-repair project to upgrade the existing equipment.

The playground design will be developed through consultation with the community. The redesigned playground will include:

  • Large themed playground equipment
  • Redesigned accessible pathways
  • Additional seating

The redesign will not include the area around the playground and will not include any new water or lighting features.

Tom Riley Playground Today

This is Tom Riley Park Playground today. This picture was taken when the playground was closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic restrictions.

Tom Riley Park playground in 2020, with swings and other playground equipment taped off due to COVID-19
Tom Riley Park in 2020.

The playground at Tom Riley Park includes:

  • Two swing sets with four swings for ages 2-5 and four swings for ages 5 and up
  • A medium-sized slide (red structure)
  • A junior climbing structure and small slide (yellow structure)
  • Sand under all play areas

Other features near the playground include a bench and two picnic tables.

Online Survey

The City is conducting an online survey to gather feedback from the community on the playground’s vision and design principles. The results from the online survey will be used to inform the development of the final design for the playground.

The survey is available until August 16, 2020.

My Park and Playground Redesign: Activity Book for Kids

This activity book gives kids the opportunity to share their ideas for the future of Tom Riley Playground.

Two ways to submit

  1. Printable Activity Book: Print and submit digital photos of the completed activity book.
  2. Digital Activity Book: Complete the activity book using PowerPoint, save a copy, and submit the file.

Submit the Activity Book by August 16, 2020.