The City is planning improvements to the playground in Willowdale Park. These improvements are part of an ongoing city-wide program to ensure playgrounds provide safe and accessible fun for many years to come!

Project Timeline

  • Early Summer 2021: Classroom workshops at local schools to develop a vision for the new playground
  • Summer/Fall 2021: Hire a design team and prepare multiple playground design options
  • Fall/Winter 2021: Community and classroom engagement to select a playground design
  • Winter 2021 to Spring 2022: Detailed design and hire a construction team
  • Summer 2022: Begin construction
  • Winter 2022 to Spring 2023: Playground reopens

The timeline is subject to change.

Willowdale Park is located at 75 Hollywood Ave., near Sheppard Avenue East and Doris Avenue. The children’s playground is located at the centre of the park, south of Hollywood Avenue and East of Doris Avenue.

The playground currently includes:

  • Three swing sets with:
    • Four swings for ages two to five
    • Two swings for ages five and up
  • A medium-sized play structure with:
    • A spiral slide (blue structure)
    • A straight slide (blue structure)
    • One set of stairs and one ramp to the play structure
    • Wood panels, some with windows
  • A wood structure with:
    • Watermill wheel (yellow structure)
    • Wood channels with various platforms
  • A junior shed play structure with:
    • One swing (red)
    • Four black tires
  • Sand under all play areas
  • Three benches and one picnic table

A photograph of the playground taken on a sunny winter day. The playground has post chain fencing on one side parallel to the three swing sets on top of sand play surfacing.

A photograph of the small stand-alone wood structure in the playground with a water mill and wooden channel. Two benches face the play structure. The area is covered in wet sand with some large puddles of water.

The playground will be redesigned using feedback from the community. The redesigned playground is proposed to include:

  • Accessible junior and senior play equipment for ages two to thirteen. This means that people of all abilities will be able to play at this playground
  • An accessible pathway to the playground
  • New play

Improvements will only be made in the general playground area. This will not include any new lighting features or improvements to other areas of the park.

March 30, 2021

Virtual Public Meeting

The public was invited to a virtual public meeting to learn more about the project and share their vision for the playground improvements.

Phase 1 Online Survey

April 2021

An online survey will be posted on this web page in April 2021. The survey will ask for your feedback and preferences on the proposed playground options. The design team will use the community feedback collected in this survey to develop a single playground design.

The results from this survey will also be posted on this web page.

Classroom Workshops

Early Spring 2021

Classroom workshops at local schools will take place to develop a vision for the new playground. The design team will use this feedback to prepare multiple design options.

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