The park is now open to the public. The park entrance and parking lot is located at 8145 Finch Ave E.  Park rules and special considerations are posted on trail signs.


Beare Road Closed Landfill has been transformed into Beare Hill Park. This new natural area park will be surrounded by Rouge National Urban Park.

  • March 2019: Phase 1 construction begins.
  • Summer 2020: Additional construction work required to prepare for the site opening.
  • 2021: Continuing work by Solid Waste Management Services to prepare site for opening.
  • October 2022: Park is open for public use, having met all regulatory requirements.
  • 2023: Planning is underway for a grand opening event.

The timeline is subject to change.

October 2022

Park Opens

The park opens to the public with the park entrance located at 8145 Finch Ave. East, near Scarborough-Pickering Townline Road. Park visitors should note the following:

  • The park should not be accessed from Zoo Road due to safety and unlawful trespassing across the railroad tracks
  • Washrooms are currently not available at the park
  • Dogs must be kept on a leash at all times
  • An occasional odour caused by the decomposition of organic matter may be detected. This odour is not hazardous to health

A park opening event is planned for spring 2023. Details about this event will be shared on this page when available.

December 2021

The project timeline and expected opening date have been changed.

October 2020

The project timeline and expected opening date have been changed.

March 2019

The City is installing a trail system to make the future Beare Hill Park more accessible. A granular surface trail and a natural surface trail will offer walking and cycling opportunities for park users. These trails have been designed to minimize disturbance to resident Species at Risk. The site is closed to the public until construction is completed.

June 27, 2017

Public Information Meeting

A discussion on the progress of the Beare Hill Park Detailed Design Project was held.

The Beare Road Landfill Park Master Plan will provide a framework to guide decision making for the design and management of the proposed park. The master plan will address opportunities for access, education and passive and active recreational use in consultation with the community and stakeholders.

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This is an aerial photo of the Beare Hill Park site under development. There are markings on the image that show the location of trails, parking lots and service roads, as well as boundaries and width of trails.
An aerial overview of the former Beare Road Landfill. The site is bounded by Finch Avenue East on the north side, Pickering Townline on the east side, the hydro corridor on the south side, and CN Rail and Beare Road on the west side. The trails are concentrated mainly on the east side and south side of the site.


The Beare Road Landfill was operational until 1983, when it was capped. It is still managed by the City Solid Waste Management Division as a closed landfill. Since that time, natural regeneration and volunteer tree planting have created rich, natural areas of forest, meadow and wetland habitats used by wildlife, including four species at risk. With its expansive natural areas, capacity for a host of different recreational trails, and the spectacular view from the top of the hill, the former landfill site has great potential as a park destination.