A new park at 25 Wellesley St. W. will be a 1.6-acre L-shaped park bordered by Wellesley Street west to the north, Breadalbane Street to the south and St. Luke Lane to the east. Download the description of the proposed park plan.

Project Timeline

  • 2016/2017: Community engagement
  • February 2021: Construction
  • November 2021: Construction complete
  • March 2022: Park opens

The timeline is subject to change.

Much of the land is currently under private ownership but will be conveyed to the City as public parkland following the completion of the development and the construction of the park. The park will be constructed over separate parking garages that will be privately owned by different owners. This stratified land ownership and construction is a key constraint in the design of the park.

Two residential towers on podiums, including a u-shaped driveway, currently border the west side. The land within the driveway is currently held in escrow for the City as parkland.

A new 60-storey condominium tower is being built on the north-east portion of the site. The ground floor is proposed to be retail with frontage adjacent to the park while the second and third floors are proposed to be office uses.

Two major streets run parallel to the site. Bay Street, located west of the park is a transit corridor with high-density development. Yonge Street, which is located east of the park is Toronto’s main street. It is one of Toronto’s most prominent cultural and retail corridors and contains Toronto’s most heavily travelled subway corridor.

Due to its size and its proximity to high transit corridors, and high-density development, the proposed park will serve local residents, people who work in the area, as well as visitors. These users may have vastly different needs. The successful proponent will have to lead an attentive public consultation process, identify priorities, and find creative ways to design a park within a constrained site that serves diverse needs.

Public art is also a component of this project and it will be important to design the park to tastefully accommodate the art.

November 2021

A majority of the park construction will be complete at the end of November. The new park is anticipated to open to the public in March 2022.

February 2021

The construction contract has been awarded and construction is scheduled to start in February. Updates regarding the construction timeline will be shared here.

May 2019

Delivery of the park is taking longer than expected. The park is still on its way; the City is resolving issues involving ownership/property relating to the multiple land parcels being brought together, as well as the park being built over existing parking structures.

September 25, 2017

Public Meeting

The meeting provided an opportunity for public input into the planning and programming of the revised park concept design.

April 4, 2016

Public Meeting

The meeting was held to provide an opportunity for public input into the planning and programming of the new park and provide direction on the concept design. The local councillor was also in attendance.

This meeting also presented the first opportunity for area residents and park users to provide their comments and input about the project.