This project is complete and McCowan District Park is open to the public.

The City was able to undertake a unique opportunity to convert this decommissioned former Scarborough Works Yard into an active, multi-use recreational focal point in Toronto.

In 2004, the Master Plan was completed with a goal to transform the site into a district park in two multi-year phases. Completed in 2006, Phase 1 included the conversion to a community green space for active and passive use, and building a new playground, sports fields, recreational trails, and landscaping.

Phase 2 expanded the number of recreation facilities and amenities within McCowan Park and is now home to Scarborough’s second outdoor ice rink.

Phase 3 completes the work at McCowan Park with the addition of a new splash pad and landscaping work, tying all three phases together. Work will be completed over spring-summer of 2020.

A drawing of McCowen District Park from above
Artist Rendering of the park