A new park is coming to 167 Armour Blvd.!

Project Timeline

  • April 2021: Community engagement
  • Summer 2021: Design development and hiring a construction team
  • Spring 2022: Construction starts
  • Summer 2022: Construction complete, parkette opens

The timeline is subject to change.

A new parkette is being designed for the site at 167 Armour Blvd. near Bathurst Street and Edinburgh Drive. The parkland was acquired by the City in 2019.

Parkette Location Today

An image of the location for the new parkette taken in the early spring. The site is currently an open lawn area with four benches, light and traffic sign posts and is oval in shape bordered by a concrete edge and surrounded by a residential road and homes.


The features and programming opportunities for the new parkette will be designed using feedback from the community. The proposed plan for the new parkette may include:

  • A new path from the corner of Armour Boulevard
  • New gathering spaces with seating
  • Bike racks
  • Planting areas with trees

Final Concept Design

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 A rendering which provides a satellite view of the proposed parkette design which is circular in shape and includes various seating options, tree and ornamental plantings which surround the playground area at the center of the parkette. The main entry to the parkette is a concrete path from the corner of Westgate and Armour Boulevard and forms a circular path around the playground.

An image that includes nine different themed playground structures proposed for the new playground. The play elements are labeled as follows: community helpers with crawl tube, garden crawl tunnel, spinatorum (a standing globe with spin toy functions), grand gallery (multiple standing play panels), odessey hall (small labyrinth or tall standing interactive features), momentum corridor (vertical slide-like tunnel), garden sensory wall (garden-themed green panel with functions), kid's choice activity panels and truck (red).

An image with multiple images with examples of muskoka chairs, a shelter with curved benches and buffer planting.
Precedent images of some of the proposed amenities in the new parkette.

The final design option includes a circular layout with the following features:

  • A shelter with curved benches
  • Muskoka lounge chairs
  • Two bike racks
  • New columnar trees (tall narrow trees), ornamental plant features and grass
  • A small playground with various stand-alone play elements for toddlers
  • A metal fence surrounding the playground
  • A concrete pathway connecting the playground to the corner of Westgate and Armour Boulevard

April 2021


The local Councillor’s Office collected feedback from the community regarding the four design options for the new parkette. A total of 91 responses were collected in the survey.

50% of community members selected Option 1A Circular Park with Common Green Area. Please contact the local Councillor’s Office for any questions regarding this survey.

November 21, 2019

Public Meeting

The public was invited to an open house to learn more about the project and share their ideas for the future parkette.

Download the meeting minutes.

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