The Scarlett Mills Off-Leash Area project has been cancelled. The Project Updates section of this page has further details.

Project Timeline

  • Winter 2020/2021: Community engagement
  • Winter to Summer 2021: Design and hiring construction team
  • Summer to Winter 2021: Construction

The timeline is subject to change.

Scarlett Mills Park is located at 235 Edenbridge Dr. in Etobicoke York. The City is adding a dogs off-leash area (OLA) in the open area northeast of the parking lot on Edenbridge Drive. The proposed OLA will be small in size at approximately 2000 square metres. The scope of work may include:

  • New fencing with entrance gates
  • New surfacing
  • Benches/seating elements
  • New tree plantings
  • New accessible pathway

The following plan illustrates the proposed location of the OLA. The boundary shown is approximate; final extents and layout will be determined through the design process.

An aerial overview of the proposed location for the off-leash area in Scarlett Mills Park. The red circle indicates the location, which is northeast of the parking lot off of Edenbridge Drive. The Scarlett Mills Off-Leash Area project is scheduled to be completed by the end of 2021.

Project Cancellation

In Winter 2020/2021, the City conducted a survey to gather feedback about a proposed dogs off-leash area (OLA) at Scarlett Mills Park. While the survey results indicated that there was, in general, support for the project from local residents, upon more detailed technical investigation during the design process, new information has revealed that an OLA is not compatible with this site. As a result, the City has taken the decision to cancel plans for an OLA at this location.

This park site is located on a former landfill site which is closed and capped. It should be noted that there are no health or safety risks associated with this site condition.

Technical challenges related to this existing site condition have resulted in unanticipated design constraints that would impact the quality and cost of the project. These design constraints would result in standard features typically included in an OLA of this size (such as irrigation, a drainage layer, and appropriate surfacing material) being excluded from the design. This would result in a design that does not adhere to the City’s OLA design standards which would impact the quality of and ability to maintain the OLA in the long-term. It is also anticipated that the design challenges would result in increased project costs. It is therefore anticipated that this OLA would not meet the community’s expectations and would not bring good value to residents.

Community members who are interested in pursuing a potential OLA project at another site in this ward can refer to the Dogs Off-Leash Area Policy.

December 2020


The City conducted an online survey to gather feedback on the overall design development of the off-leash area. The survey was available to complete from December 15 to January 8, 2021. The project team was notified by a member of the public that the survey link on the project page was broken and in response, the survey was extended to January 13, 2021.

Download the survey feedback summary.

The design of the off-leash area will be developed through consultation with the community via an online survey and a virtual public meeting. Project updates will be shared on the project webpage and via public communications such as mail-outs, social media and signs posted in the park.