The City is improving the tennis clubhouse in Clydesdale Park. The clubhouse is adjacent to the four outdoor tennis courts and serves park users and Pleasantview Tennis Club. The improvements will include general building repairs to the roof, walls, windows and doors, interior painting, washroom and change room renovations, and the addition of a new accessible washroom.

  • November 2020: Hire a design team
  • July 2021: Design development
  • January 2022: Detailed design
  • February 2023: Hire a construction team
  • March 2023: Construction starts
  • August 2023: Construction complete

The timeline is subject to change.

Pleasantview Tennis Club is a key stakeholder that will be engaged throughout the design and construction process.

The clubhouse will be closed to the public during construction. Temporary portable washrooms will be installed near the tennis courts during construction.