The expanded Colonel Danforth Park Off-Leash-Area (OLA) is open.

The City is expanding the existing dogs off-leash area (OLA) in Colonel Danforth Park by 1,200m2! The off-leash area design will be determined with the help of community feedback.

  • Summer 2022: Hire a design team
  • Fall 2022 to Winter 2023: Community engagement
  • Winter 2023: Design development
  • Winter to Spring 2023: Detailed design
  • Spring 2023: Hire a construction team
  • Summer 2023: Construction starts
  • Fall 2023: Construction complete

The timeline is subject to change.

December 2023

The expanded Colonel Danforth Park Off-Leash-Area (OLA) is open. Thank you to all the community members who provided their feedback throughout the engagement process.

March 2023

Online Survey

From February 17 to March 10, 2023, feedback on the proposed design was collected in an online survey. The survey was promoted through paid social media ads, the local Councillor’s office, on-site signage, and on this web page. The survey received a total of 314 responses.

The design team will use this feedback to refine a final design, which will be available on this page in fall 2023.

Key Feedback Highlights
  • When asked how satisfied they are with the proposed design, 25 per cent were very satisfied, 46 per cent were satisfied, 16 per cent were neutral, seven per cent were dissatisfied, and six per cent were very dissatisfied
  • When asked how important the proposed features on the expanded OLA design were:
    • 91 per cent indicated that grass surfacing was very important or important. Additionally, 52 comments indicated the OLA should have grass surfacing
    • 60 per cent indicated that engineered wood fiber (mulch) surfacing was very important or important. Additionally, 16 comments indicated the OLA should have mulch surfacing
    • 66 per cent indicated that the location of seating throughout the OLA was very important or important. 25 per cent were neutral.
    • 55 per cent indicated that large rocks (can be used for seating) was very important or important. 34 per cent were neutral.
  • For seating around the OLA:
    • 46 per cent like benches
    • 20 per cent like armourstone (large decorative stone that can stand alone or be arranged to create a low wall)
    • 32 per cent had no preference
  • Based on the proposed design for the OLA, 77 per cent indicated that they would be more likely to use the park
  • 26 comments would like to change the existing OLA surfacing from pea gravel to either grass or wood fiber (mulch)
  • 23 comments would like to see a water fountain with dog bowl
  • 16 comments would like more shade
  • 16 comments would like separate areas for large and small dogs
  • 13 comments indicated dog waste pick-up should be enforced more
  • five comments would like more lighting at the OLA

The existing dogs off-leash area (OLA) will remain in-tact as-is and the construction will focus on the expanded area. The surface for the expanded OLA will be grass and wood chips. The expanded area will not be irrigated as it is on Toronto Region Conservation Authority (TRCA) lands where adding irrigation is prohibited. Both grass and wood chips allow for natural drainage on-site.

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An aerial map showing Colonel Danforth Park and the location of the existing off-leash area and the expansion area in green and brown. The off-leash area will be expanded to the north-west side of the existing off-leash area and include various new features, which are labeled by numbers. From bottom left to top right, they include a path extension from Old Kingston Road with a bench at the entrance, a double-gated entrance to the off-leash area with garbage bins, an accessible bench on concrete pad along the east perimeter, grass surfacing throughout with wood chip surfacing near the centre, large rocks on top of the wood ships, and new fencing around the perimeter of the expanded off-leash area.

  1. Existing path extension
  2. Relocation of existing bench
  3. Double-gated entry/carousel
  4. Accessible benches on a concrete pad
  5. Maintenance gate
  6. Garbage bins on a concrete pad
  7. Grass surfacing
  8. Engineered wood fiber (wood chips) surfacing
  9. Large rocks (a design feature that can be used for seating)
  10. New fencing
  11. Existing tree to remain as-is
  12. Existing fencing