The existing basketball court in Conacher Park needs to be relocated due to Toronto Hydro excavation work starting on September 4, 2023. The City plans to install a new basketball court within the park and will be collecting community feedback on the proposed location.

  • August 2023: Community engagement starts
  • September 2023: Existing basketball court on Toronto Hydro land is fenced off and closed to the public
  • Summer 2024: Construction starts for new basketball court

The timeline is subject to change.

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February 2024

Final Design

Image shows the final design and layout for the Conacher Park Basketball Court Relocation, including a half basketball court in the northeast corner of the park, armourstone seating to the west of the basketball court and the relocated table tennis to the northwest of the playground. Additionally, there is fencing and shrub planting on the northern and eastern side of the basketball court.

The final design and layout were determined using feedback from the community. The basketball court relocation will include:

  1. A half-basketball court with one net at the north end of the park
  2. A relocated table tennis to the northwest of the playground
  3. An accessible pathway connecting the basketball court to the existing pathway
  4. Three armourstone seats along the western edge of the basketball court
  5. Six-foot-tall fencing along the northern and eastern edges of the basketball court
  6. Shrub planting to the north and east of the basketball court

October 2023

Online Survey

From September 20 to October 11, an online survey collected feedback from 170 community members on the proposed location of the new basketball court. The survey was available in English, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese and Farsi. The design team will use this feedback to determine the final location and design of the new basketball court in accordance with the project budget.

Feedback Summary
  • 64 per cent supported relocating the basketball court to the north end of the park, 32 per cent did not support this location and 13 per cent did not know
  • 61 per cent would not travel to another park if the basketball court were relocated, 26 per cent would travel to another park and 14 per cent did not know
  • Respondents most frequently commented that distance should be maintained between the new basketball court and Newton Drive, noise and safety should be considered in the court design and location and the court size should be expanded to include a three-point line and/or second net

Map shows the location of the existing half basketball court in the southwest corner of Conacher Park, the existing playground toward the centre of the park, the proposed half basketball court to the north of the playground, a 6 foot chain link fence behind the net along the eastern side of the court, and the table tennis relocated to the west of the playground. An accessible pathway connects the new court and table tennis with the sidewalks along Newton Drive and Conacher Drive.]

  1. Proposed relocated basketball court
  2. Proposed 6 ft. chain link fence
  3. Relocated table tennis
  4. Playground
  5. Existing basketball court