The park expansion area is open to the public.

The City is expanding Lee Lifeson Art Park by approximately 870 m2 (slightly bigger than three tennis courts). The existing residential building adjacent to the park at 223 Gladys Allison Pl. is being demolished in early fall 2023. The park will remain open to the public during demolition. Once demolition is complete, landscaping work that includes a new concrete pathway will be scheduled.

  • Early Fall 2023: Residential building demolition starts
  • Late Fall 2023: Residential building demolition complete and construction starts for park expansion area
  • Spring 2024: Construction complete, park expansion area opens

The timeline is subject to change.

Spring 2024

Project Complete

The temporary fencing is removed and the park expansion area opens to the public.

December 2023

Construction Complete

Construction for the park expansion area is completed. Temporary fencing remains around the site in order for the new grass to take root.

October 2023

A construction team is hired for the park expansion and construction is anticipated to start in November 2023. During construction, there will be no access to the existing park pathway at the north and south side of the expansion area. This is to allow for the existing pathway to seamlessly connect to the new pathway coming to the park expansion area.

August 2023

Demolition of the residential building at 223 Gladys Allison Pl., adjacent to the park, is anticipated to start in early fall 2023. During construction, the area will be fenced to ensure public safety and that there is no trespassing.