The City of Toronto’s Heritage Register is a publicly accessible register of properties that have been evaluated and determined to have cultural heritage value. It includes properties that are individually designated, located within a Heritage Conservation District, and listed. Explore the drop down lists below to learn more about how properties are evaluated, the different types of heritage properties, and to find information about properties currently on the Heritage Register.

You can search for properties on the Heritage Register by using the Heritage Register map or searching by the property’s address with the Heritage Property Search tool. Please note that the Heritage Property Search tool is the most up-to-date way of confirming whether a property is on the register.

Potential heritage properties must be researched and evaluated by Heritage Preservation Services before they can be added to the Heritage Register. These properties may be brought to the attention of the City by community members, City Councillors, or through planning studies and heritage conservation district studies.

The Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sport’s Ontario Heritage Toolkit: Heritage Property Evaluation provides guidance on undertaking research and evaluation for heritage properties.

All properties are evaluated against the criteria for determining cultural heritage value or interest set out in Ontario Regulation 9/06. A property must meet one or more of the criteria in order to be individually designated.

All properties that are individually designated under Part IV of the Ontario Heritage Act have a by-law registered on title. The by-law includes a description of the property, reasons for designation, and may include a list of heritage attributes, or features of the property that must be conserved. Properties that are listed do not have a by-law registered on title.

Follow this process to locate a property’s designation by-law: and

  1. Look-up the property by address using the City’s Heritage Property Search tool
  2. Note the designation by-law number, and the year of designation
  3. If the property was designated before 1998, contact the City Archives at 416-392-5431 and request the by-law
  4. If the property was designated after 1998, look up the by-law using the By-law Status Registry