The City is currently undertaking a Cultural Heritage Landscape Assessment at Exhibition Place.

Exhibition Place includes properties on the City of Toronto’s Heritage Register; numerous historic plaques; registered archaeological sites; and other potential cultural heritage resources which together may form a cultural heritage landscape.

Ontario’s Provincial Policy Statement recognizes that a cultural heritage landscape is a defined geographic area that may have been modified by human activity and is identified as having cultural heritage value or interest by a community, including an aboriginal community…”. In Ontario, significant cultural heritage landscapes shall be conserved. The assessment will be completed in Winter 2019 and will help inform future planning for Exhibition Place through the identification of significant cultural heritage resources.


On November 30, 2016, the Exhibition Place Official Plan Amendment Subcommittee adopted a report from the Director, Community Planning, Toronto and East York detailing City Planning’s ongoing review of a proposed Official Plan Amendment for Exhibition Place, inclusive of a Cultural Heritage Assessment and the Subcommittee’s decision was posted.

Get Involved

City Planning will be initiating Community Consultations in Fall 2018 with further details to be provided here.

If you have any thoughts, insights, or historical records that will assist in understanding the cultural heritage value of Exhibition Place then please contact Nathaniel Baker in City Planning via email or phone using the contact details on this page.