A planning review was initiated as a result of planned investment in rapid transit along the Finch Avenue West and Sheppard Avenue East corridors. Areas for planning study are recommended on a priority basis in order to leverage investment in rapid transit and to encourage transit supportive development.

The prioritization process included consideration of:

  • the existing planning framework;
  • social equity;
  • city building objectives; and
  • market potential.

The process was informed by three streams of background research for each corridor: a profile, a market conditions study, and a planning and social equity scan.

For the Finch Avenue West corridor, the area around Keele Street and Finch Avenue West is recommended to be studied first, followed by areas around Jane Street and Finch Avenue West, and the area around Albion Mall.

For the Sheppard Avenue East corridor, work is already underway through the recently commenced ConsumersNext study at Sheppard Avenue West and Victoria Park, and the on-going transit planning initiatives for the Scarborough Subway and SmartTrack/Regional Express Rail (RER). Outcomes of these transit planning initiatives will help inform future planning study work in the Agincourt and McCowan segments.

To learn more about the corridor reviews and planning study prioritization process, please read the Staff Report. The Staff Report’s recommendations will be considered at the Planning and Growth Management Committee’s November 16, 2015 meeting.