The Growing Up Urban Design Guidelines are a result of a two-year study and two-year period of implementation and monitoring, focused on how new mid-rise and tall buildings can be developed as vertical communities to support social interaction and better accommodate the needs of all households, including those with children.

The Guidelines address three scales of development: the neighbourhood, the building, and the unit. The Guidelines speak to the collective responsibility to address quality of life for children and youth in vertical communities. This includes ensuring the provision of safe streets to support children’s independent mobility, parks, schools, community facilities, retail and amenities in addition to a diversity of housing sizes to accommodate larger households, including multi-generational households with seniors.

Planning for Children in New Vertical Communities: Final Urban Design Guidelines


A summary of the study and resulting guidelines.

Information and Reports

Learn about the study process.

Case Studies

Examples of good planning for children and youth.


Visits with families living in vertical communities.