Staff Reports

Background Reports

The Province of Ontario requires that an Assessment Report be prepared prior to adopting policies for inclusionary zoning. The City’s draft Assessment Report has been prepared and is made up of two main components:

  • Housing Need and Demand Analysis
    • The City conducted research on key housing indicators from two previous census periods, 2006 and 2016, to identify trends over roughly the past 10 years. This document contains an analysis of demographics, income, housing supply and demand, market rents and prices, and strong markets in Toronto.
  • Financial Impact Analysis
    • The City retained N. Barry Lyon Consultants Limited (NBLC) to analyze the financial impacts of a range of inclusionary zoning requirements on the housing market. A residual land value assessment was conducted for 11 geographies across the city.

A final Assessment Report will be considered by Council following public and stakeholder consultations on the proposed policy directions.

Consultation Summary

A report summarizing public and stakeholder feedback on the Inclusionary Zoning proposed policy directions.