A revised development application was submitted by Infrastructure Ontario on September 13 2023. The application materials can be found on the City’s Application Information Centre. You can search for the application by the Ontario Place street address – 955 Lake Shore Boulevard West.

An in-person Community Consultation and a virtual Community Consultation were held on September 7, 2023 and September 12, 2023, respectively. Presentation materials from the meetings can be found in the Information & Reports section below and a video from the virtual meeting can be found in the Informational Videos section below.

On July 30, 2021, the Province of Ontario announced further details of its plans to redevelop provincial lands at Ontario Place, including the successful participants from the 2019 Call for Development process to developing new major attractions on the site.

The Province of Ontario and the City of Toronto have developed a New Deal for Toronto, with the resulting legislation enacted in December 2023 by the Province via the Recovery Through Growth Act (City of Toronto), 2023 and the Rebuilding Ontario Place Act, 2023). These Acts have provisions related to Ontario Place and include as a core commitment the City’s acceptance of the Province’s legislative authority to advance the Ontario Place Rebuilding Project.

Thanks to everyone who attended the September 7, 2023 in-person community consultation meeting at Beanfeild Centre and the September 12th virtual community consultation meeting.

You can access the Engagement Summaries and Related Appendices:

Thanks to everyone who attended the April 15 in-person community consultation meeting at Beanfeild Centre and the April 18 virtual community consultation meeting.

You can access the Engagement Summaries and Related Appendices:

The Province via Infrastructure Ontario (IO) submitted a formal development application for a site-wide Official Plan and Zoning By-law Amendment on November 25, 2022. The drawings and application materials are available to the public on the City’s online Application Information Centre.

The application proposes a number a large scale redevelopment of the public lands and attractions at Ontario Place. The site is currently in disrepair, as existing buildings, bridges, servicing infrastructure and shoreline require reinvestment to ensure the viability of these lands. Ontario Place today also serves as a waterfront public amenity and an intact cultural heritage landscape of international significance.

The application proposes:

  • A provincially-led Public Realm Master Plan for the free and continuously publically accessible lands on the East Island, Central Water and Mainland;
  • Integration and coordination of the public realm designs with Trillium Park and publically accessible tenanted lands;
  • Retention and re-use of some of the heritage buildings, including the Pods and the Cinesphere;
  • A 65,000 square meter entertainment, water recreation and wellness facility at a maximum height of 45 metres on the West Island (Therme);
  • A 22,000 square meter entrance and bridge building at a maximum height of 26 metres on the Mainland (Therme);
  • Future programming on the East Island and Mainland with details not yet known;
  • A five level underground parking structure with 2,100 spaces and a surface parking lot with 600 spaces;
  • Creation of new continuously publically accessible lands and paid access outdoor amenities on the West Island;
  • Shoreline stabilization works for the entire site and 36,000 square metres of lakefilling above water plus 25,200 square metres of lakefilling below water on the West Island.

The complete application can be accessed from the City of Toronto’s Application Information Centre under 955 Lake Shore Blvd W.