The Planning Act authorizes the Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing (MMAH) to make a minister’s zoning order (MZO) for regulating the use of land, buildings and structures anywhere in Ontario. If there is a conflict between an MZO and a municipal zoning by-law, the MZO prevails.

In some instances, City Council requests the Minister to issue an MZO in order to facilitate an important project or development within Toronto. At other times, MZOs are initiated by the Province of Ontario. Toronto City Council adopted a Recommended Framework for the Use of Minister’s Zoning Orders in April 2021. For more information on MZOs please see the Ministry’s Citizen’s Guide to Land Use Planning, or contact provincial staff using the INFO-GO | Government of Ontario Employee and Organization Directory.

Below is a list of MZOs currently in place in Toronto. This information is provided for convenience only. MZOs are issued by the Province and the City is not responsible for ensuring their accuracy.

Minister’s Zoning Orders in the City of Toronto

Address Ontario Regulation
100 Thorncliffe Park Drive O. Reg. 9/24
399 and 347 Bathurst Street O. Reg. 8/24
Hospital for Sick Children and St Michael’s Heliport (36 Queen Street East and 170 Elizabeth Street) O. Reg. 10/24
Exhibition – Jefferson (2 & 20 Atlantic Avenue, 1 Jefferson Avenue) O. Reg. 339/22
Exhibition – Atlantic (1 and part of 1A Atlantic Avenue) O. Reg. 338/22
Mimico (315 & 327 Royal York Road and 39 Newcastle Street) O. Reg. 337/22
First Parliament (265/269/271 Front Street East, 44 Parliament Street, 3 & 25 Berkeley Street) O. Reg. 336/22
Corktown North (68/70 Parliament Street, 383 King Street East, 39 Berkeley Street, 250/260 Front Street East) O. Reg. 335/22
Queen/Spadina South (443, 449, 451, 453 Queen Street West) O. Reg. 334/22
Queen/Spadina North (372A & 378 Queen Street West, 165-177 Spadina Avenue) O. Reg. 333/22
King/Bathurst South (645-665 King Street West, 69-73 Bathurst Street, 58/60 Stewart Street) O. Reg. 332/22
King/Bathurst North (662-668 King Street West, 91 Bathurst Street) O. Reg. 331/22
20 Overlea Boulevard O. Reg. 330/22
East Harbour (21 Don Roadway, 375, 385, 385R, 393 & 405 Eastern Avenue) O. Reg. 329/22
55 Eastern Avenue O. Reg. 42/22
150 Dunn Avenue O. Reg. 774/21
7 Glamorgan Avenue O. Reg. 772/21
222 Spadina Avenue O. Reg. 545/21
877 Yonge Street O. Reg. 546/21
20 Bracebridge Avenue O. Reg. 547/21
2075 Bayview Avenue O. Reg. 170/20
11 Macey Avenue O. Reg. 343/20
150 Harrison Street O. Reg. 354/20
Panorama Court O. Reg. 450/20
2111 Finch Avenue West O. Reg. 474/20
Block 20 West Don Lands O. Reg. 594/20
Eastern Avenue and Rolling Mills Road O. Reg. 595/20
Front and Cherry Street O. Reg. 596/20
Woodbine Raceway O. Reg. 688/98
Metropolitan Toronto – Algonquin Island and Ward’s Island O. Reg. 415/96