The By-law Status Registry tracks the status and history details of by-laws dating back to 1834. The City of Toronto and former municipalities that now make up the current City have passed more than 200,000 by-laws that are still in force today.

You can use the By-law Status Registry to look up the status of by-laws, view the amendment history and find other enactment details.

Search the By-law Status Registry

This By-law Status Registry contains by-law status information for:

  • City of Toronto By-laws from 1998 to the present (current to 2022-0329)

By-laws from the former municipalities:

  • Toronto by-laws From 1834 to 1997 (complete collection)
  • East York by-laws From 1967 to 1997
  • Etobicoke by-laws From 1857 to 1997 (complete collection)
  • North York by-laws From 1922 to 1997 (complete collection)
  • Scarborough by-laws From 1850 to 1997 (complete collection)
  • York by-laws From 1850 to 1944
  • Metropolitan Toronto by-laws From 1953 to 1997 (complete collection)

The Registry is updated as City Council passes new by-laws.

The By-law Status Registry includes information on all by-laws that the amalgamated City of Toronto has passed. It also includes information about many of the by-laws that the former municipalities passed.

If you want a copy of a by-law passed by the City of Toronto since 1998, you can view or print it from the list of City by-laws.

You can also access the new City of Toronto by-laws directly from the By-law Status Registry. Just look for the link near the top of your search results page.

The By-law Status Registry contains some of the pre-amalgamation by-laws passed by former municipalities. Visit City of Toronto Archives or contact for more information about obtaining copies of pre-amalgamation by-laws.

Many by-laws have been digitally certified and are available online. For more information, please email or phone 416-392-8016.

For more information about the By-law Status Registry, or for help with searching, please contact the City Clerk’s Office at or 416-392-8016.