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Type of dog:

American Bulldog & Lab mix


Female, spayed


2 years

Meet Abby

Second Chance Dog Abby sitting for a photo op

When Abby first arrived at our shelter as a stray she was very nervous and scared of new people and sounds. Being in the shelter was very stressful for her and she would bark at staff and back away. She was also very shy and reluctant to be leashed by staff.

As time went on, Abby adjusted to the routine of shelter life and to being handled. She soon blossomed into a wonderful energetic girl. However, she still needed to work on building her confidence level, leash skills and socialization with strangers and other dogs.

What Abby needs when you adopt her

Abby is ready for a family who is committed to continue working on increasing her level of comfort with new people and situations. She loves to be around people that she knows and it still takes time for her to become comfortable with new faces. And while Abby loves to be outside to run and play, she will get anxious and start to worry if she is alone, so it’s best to stay with her when outside. She also loves to play with other dogs but can be intense and rough so she needs friends who will match her energy levels. Since Abby is a big girl with lots of energy, we do not recommend a home with small children or small pets.

Abby’s progress

Basic manners and skills: After her training, Abby has improved on her basic skills and understand commands to sit, stay down, leave it, stay and focus. She is also improving on her skills related to hand target, leash walking and name recognition. She continues to do well under increasing distractions, but struggles when tired. Abby can also wait in her kennel as the door is opened and hold until released.

Confidence: Abby’s confidence has improved significantly after her training. She is now a happy dog, excited to meet and greet people in most situations. She is occasionally cautious but recovers quickly. Her excitement can sometimes spill over to jumping up but this has been much better with training. She enjoys training and being with her handlers, who have not noted any guarding issues.

Comfort around new people and situations: Abby is able to meet and greet new people in a happy relaxed manner as her confidence grows and rarely is nervous or cautious now. Trainers have exposed her to many new people and situations, however, she has not been exposed to children. Her new family needs to continue working with Abby so that she is more comfortable round new people and situations.