Austin is available for adoption at our East Shelter, 821 Progress Ave. Call 416-338-7297 (PAWS).


Type of dog:

Boxer Mix


Male, neutered


3 years

Meet Austin

Austin is a Boxer mix who arrived at Toronto Animal Services with some baggage – but we’re teaching him how to let go. He has a sweet personality and enjoys carrying stuffed toys in his mouth. While he came with some trust issues and reactive behaviour, he is learning, every day, to trust again.

What Austin needs when you adopt him:

We want to find someone who will take their time with him, is committed to meeting his needs, and understands what makes him comfortable and uncomfortable. Austin will benefit from regular training sessions in both private and class settings. He will also benefit from continued socialization in a controlled setting.

Austin’s Progress:

His trainers say: “Austin continues to do well and is progressing with his training. We have introduced Austin to people, and he continues to become more comfortable when approached in a positive environment. He is still unsure of people that appear unexpectedly, but it is becoming easier to redirect and settle him down.”


 Austin came to us needing to learn basic skills, and improved leaps and bounds with in acontrolled environment. Watch how he learns impulse control around food. The handler will take the food away, but Austin will sit because he has learned he will be rewarded with more food if he behaves.


One of Austin’s problems when he came to us was his reactivity around other dogs. Watch how Austin has fun with Mitchell, one of our success stories, when they play in a controlled setting.