Due to high volumes and pending confirmation from the Province of Ontario on Toronto Renovates funding allocation, the Toronto Renovates Homeowners Program has suspended acceptance of assessment requests since January 2019.

The Toronto Renovates Homeowners Program offers federal/provincial funding for lower-income seniors and persons with disabilities who own a home in the City of Toronto and wish to make health or safety repairs or accessibility modifications to their homes.

A brochure listing other sources of potential funding for home repairs is available.

March of Dimes

Additional funding for accessibility modifications may be available through the March of Dimes.

To be considered for funding under Toronto Renovates:

  • You own a home in the City of Toronto that is your sole and primary residence
  • You must be 65 or over, or a member of your household must be a person with a disability
    * For the program’s definition of disabled please see the section under “Disability Definition”
  • You or other member(s) of your household cannot own any other home or residential property
  • Your household income must be below the following limits:
Size of Household Single Person Two Individuals Three Individuals Four or More Individuals
Household Income Limit $42,667 $54,857 $76,800 $96,000


  • The value of your home must be no more than $957,539. This value is determined by provincial funding rules and is subject to change and will be based on Municipal Property Assessment Corporation (MPAC) information

Note: Please review additional eligibility criteria.

For the purposes of the Toronto Renovates Homeowners program, a person with a disability in the household is defined as any member of the household:

  • having a substantial physical or mental impairment caused by bodily injury, disfigurement, illness, mental disorder or developmental disability;
  • whose disability is ongoing or recurring and expected to last at least one year;
  • whose disability results in a substantial restriction in the activities of daily living, such as mobility limitations that pose physical safety risks or result in an inability to attend to personal care or function in the community.

The home modifications requested must relate to the disability. The disability, its related restrictions and likely duration, must be verified in writing by a health-care professional such as a doctor.

  1. Should you meet the eligibility criteria and wish to be assessed to determine if you qualify for Toronto Renovates, you will be asked to complete a Toronto Renovates Assessment Request Form. For inquiries about this document or to request an accessible format, please contact 416-392-7620 or TorontoRenovates@toronto.ca. You can mail the form to the Housing Secretariat at Metro Hall, 7th Floor, 55 John St., Toronto, ON M5C 3C6, or email it to TorontoRenovates@toronto.ca.
  2. Once the Housing Secretariat has received your Assessment Request Form and has confirmed you meet the basic eligibility criteria, you will receive a phone call providing you with a tracking number and further details. If you have any questions, please contact the Toronto Renovates Program TorontoRenovates@toronto.ca.
  3. A Toronto Renovates Program Officer will contact you to arrange an assessment visit in your home.
  4. The Toronto Renovates Program Officer will assess your eligibility. Should you be eligible, the officer will help you submit a Toronto Renovates Application Package, which will be processed on a first-come, first-served basis.

Please note:

  • The Assessment Request Form is not a funding application and the return of this form to the City of Toronto does not guarantee funding approval.
  • You cannot begin repairs or modifications until you receive a funding Confirmation Letter from the City of Toronto. You will not be reimbursed for any work done before the letter is received.
  • City of Toronto staff are available to assist you with the Toronto Renovates program. You should not need to hire anyone to assist in the application process and Toronto Renovates funding cannot be used to pay such costs.
  • When the current federal/provincial funding for Toronto Renovates runs out, the Housing Secretariat will notify in writing all those who have submitted an Assessment Request Form but have not yet been contacted.

City of Toronto staff will be pleased to assist you in accessing the Toronto Renovates program, but cannot recommend a contractor or provide a list of contractors. You are responsible for obtaining contractor quotations for the work you need done under the program. We suggest obtaining quotations or bids from at least two independent contractors before you make a decision.

The City has prepared Choosing a Contractor to assist you in this process.