Toronto Public Health has relaunched our Integrated Respiratory Diseases Dashboard for the 2023/24 season. Additional COVID-19 indicators have been added to this dashboard to provide a more comprehensive snapshot of seasonal respiratory disease activity.


This dashboard provides an overview of the case and institutional outbreak activity for COVID-19 and influenza, and other respiratory pathogens causing institutional outbreaks in the City of Toronto during the 2023/24 respiratory season.

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Additional Information:

Find additional information on COVID-19, influenza, and other respiratory pathogens in Toronto, Ontario, and Canada:

  • For datasets on COVID-19 cases in Toronto, see Toronto Public Health’s Open Data dataset for cases.
  • For datasets on outbreaks in Toronto healthcare institutions, see Toronto Public Health’s Open Data dataset for outbreaks.
  • For historical Toronto Public Health COVID-19 reports, see COVID-19: archived dashboards.
  • For information on COVID-19, influenza and other respiratory diseases across Ontario see Public Health Ontario’s Respiratory Virus Tool, for Canada see the Government of Canada’s FluWatch report, and globally see the World Health Organization’s Global Influenza Programme.
  • Regional syndromic surveillance data on viral respiratory diseases, including hospital admissions and emergency department visits, can be accessed through KFL&A Public Health’s Viral Respiratory Mapper.