As an owner or landlord of a residential building, you play an important role in protecting tenants from extreme heat. You can help protect your tenants and prevent heat illness by creating a hot weather plan.

Hot Weather Plan

Before the Heat Season (May):

  • Designate an air conditioned common room in your building as a cooling room for tenants to escape the heat.
  • Ensure your Summer Heat Safety Notice is up to date to inform tenants of the location of the cooling room and closest publicly accessible air conditioned space.

During Heat Warnings and Extended Heat Warnings:

  • Arrange for building staff to check regularly on tenants that are at an increased risk for heat illness.
  • Encourage tenants to visit the cool room or another air conditioned space to lower their core body temperature and prevent heat illness.
  • Remind tenants of the symptoms of heat illness and the steps they can take to keep their apartment cool.
  • If safe, keep the windows in hallways slightly open to allow cool air to circulate.

Know the risk

Those at risk for heat-related illness include:

  • older adults
  • infants and young children
  • people with chronic illnesses, such as heart or respiratory conditions
  • people with limited physical mobility
  • people who live alone