Healthy Children Make Better Learners and Better Educated Children are Healthier

A healthy school involves a holistic approach where school administration, teachers, parents/guardians, students and community agencies work together to create an environment that will have a positive impact on a child’s health and learning.

Toronto Public Health’s team of health professionals work to service school communities to create Healthy Schools. We use the Healthy Schools approach which is based on the Ontario Ministry of Education’s Foundations for a Healthy School.

Healthy Schools Approach

The Healthy Schools approach is integrated school-based health promotion that incorporates health and health messaging into all aspects of school activities and engages the school community at large.

There are five components:

  • Curriculum, Teaching and Learning
  • School and Classroom Leadership
  • Student Engagement
  • Social and Physical Environments
  • Home, School and Community Partnerships

The Healthy Schools Toolkit provides you with everything you need to transform your school using the Healthy Schools Approach.

Benefits of the Healthy Schools Approach

There is a close connection between health and learning. The Healthy Schools Approach supports improvement in students’ educational outcomes and promotes resilience by addressing school health in a planned, integrated and holistic way.

It encourages involvement of all members of the school community (students, parents/guardians, school staff, community agencies, local businesses) to work together to make schools healthier places for students to grow and learn.

  • A positive school environment can improve learning
  • Gives students opportunities for engagement and leadership
  • Provides opportunities to build on the curriculum in and out of the classroom
  • A Healthy School improves relationships between students and staff and makes the school a healthier place to learn and work
  • Opportunities are created for parents to get involved in the school community
  • Parents can learn about keeping their children and families healthy
  • A Healthy School can create a supportive environment for all members of the school community
  • Members of the school community are empowered to take responsibility for their health and take pride in their school