Environment and Climate Change Canada issues Extreme Cold Alerts across Canada. An Extreme Cold Weather Alert is issued for southern Ontario (including Toronto) when the temperature or wind chill is forecasted to reach minus 30°C for at least two hours.

The definition of extreme cold weather is different in many areas of the country due to local climate and the adaptations of the community for cold weather. In general, for people who are outside for long periods of time without adequate protective clothing, the risk of hypothermia and frostbite is present at a wind chill of -10 and below, at a windchill of -28 and below frostbite can occur in minutes and the risk of hypothermia is high if outside for long periods especially without adequate clothing.

Be Notified of Extreme Cold Alerts

Check Environment & Climate Change Canada website for information on your local forecast and weather alerts or download the WeatherCAN mobile app.