Take Your Medications Every Day with the Help of DOT

  • DOT is a program to help cure tuberculosis (TB)
  • DOT is free!
  • You will take TB medications for six months or longer
  • A DOT worker meets with you to help you with your TB medications

A DOT Worker Will

  • Meet you at your home or another place
  • Meet you about five times a week until you finish your treatment

While You Are Taking TB Medications, Your DOT Worker Will

  • Watch for side effects
  • Help you take your medications correctly
  • Help support you until your treatment is finished
  • Help you with your healthcare provider’s appointments
  • Help you with other concerns

It Is Important to Take Your TB Medications Every Day

  • Taking your medications every day will cure your TB
  • If you don’t take your TB medications every day, the TB germs can grow back and may become harder to cure
  • It is very important to take your TB medications even when you feel better because it takes a long time to kill every TB germ

 More Information

For questions or for more information, please contact Toronto Public Health at 416-338-7600.

This information is also available in the following languages. To request a copy, email us at targettb@toronto.ca or call 416-338-7600 and ask for the TB program.

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  • العربية / Arabic
  • বাংলা / Bengali
  • 中文 / Chinese
  • فارسی / Farsi
  • Tagalog / Filipino
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