Guidelines for Application


The Community Crisis Response Fund is designed to provide one-time financial assistance to initiatives or activities that address a specific violent incident/crisis in a community (local neighbourhood or community of common bond) and contributes to community capacity building and/or community healing. This fund is intended to assist communities to develop and implement their own crisis response initiatives and support mechanisms in order to improve community safety, well-being and resiliency.

For the purposes of the fund, a crisis is defined as a community-wide, trauma-inducing physical acts of violence that may or may not result in life threatening injury or death. The crisis must have an impact on the living conditions or health status of the community and prohibits the normal coping capacity and mechanisms within the community.


The activity or initiative must meet all of the following:

  1. occur within Toronto,
  2. respond to specific critical incidents in Toronto,
  3. contribute to local community capacity building and/or community healing (see below),
  4. occur within two months of the critical incident,
  5. the applicant must be a not-for-profit group (unincorporated/incorporated), and
  6. application must be supported by a City of Toronto Community Development Officer (CDO) from the Community Crisis Response Program (CCRP) or the Furthering Our Community by Uniting Services (FOCUS) program.

Funding Priorities

There is a funding limit of $3,000 per request. The applicant must be a not-for-profit group (unincorporated/incorporated are both accepted) in order to be eligible to receive this fund.

Funding priority will be given to:

Community capacity building activities that:

  • involve community input or participation in planning, implementation, and evaluation of activities,
  • build on the strengths of the community, or
  • develop skills and resources and initiates community change.

Community healing activities or initiatives that:

  • provide opportunities for community members to connect and provide support to one another,
  • allow the community to acknowledge and reflect on the impact the incident has had or is having on the community,
  • assist community members in identifying community needs and work towards solutions, and
  • Provide opportunity to foster hope and direction for the future.

Fundable Activities or Initiatives

The following examples describe activities and initiatives that can be supported by the fund:

  • Local neighbourhood/ community meetings, healing circles, community consultations or debriefing
  • Short term staffing needs to provide support to the community
  • Training and workshops
  • Community mobilizing and planning activities
  • Other activities/initiatives ( will be reviewed on a case-to-case basis)

How to apply

Applications are accepted on a rolling basis. This time-limited funding is available until exhausted. Kindly note that application must be submitted two weeks prior to any costs incurred on the initiative.

Apply Now!

Decision Making

Applications will be reviewed on a weekly basis and a decision will be sent via e-mail within 10-12 business days of the acknowledgement receipt of application. Any inaccurate or incomplete information could result in the application being removed from consideration for funding.

Should we require any clarification on the application, we will contact the applicant via email.


Should you have any questions about the Community Crisis Response Fund, please contact:

Etobicoke/York – Saleha Nahdi – 647-210-8189

Toronto/East York – Scerena Officer – 416-886-7542

Scarborough – Kecia Richardson – 647-462-6053

North York – Scerena Officer – 416-886-7542

FOCUS Toronto – Charleen Kong – 416-392-0126