Help create strong neighbourhoods and welcoming, inclusive, thriving local communities by getting involved in a variety of resident-led community initiatives that the City helps to facilitate.

Community Development Officers

Connect and work with an officer on community planning and safety, tower renewal and more.

Community Space Tenancy

Learn how non-profit organizations can lease spaces in City-owned properties to deliver community services.

Tower Renewal

Collaborate with tower residents, community members and building operators to improve older apartment tower communities.

Toronto For All

Find the tools you need to be part of a Toronto that is more welcoming, more inclusive and better for all of us.

Toronto Seniors' Forum

Civic engagement of senior residents to ensure municipal services and advocacy are provided equitably to, and on behalf, of all seniors.

Toronto Youth Cabinet

Official advocacy group on youth issues working with various youth organizations across the city to promote policy development and get youth involved in civic engagement.

Community Safety Networks

Support and resources to communities impacted by violent and traumatic incidents to enhance community safety and wellbeing.

Community Funding

Learn about grants that support community-based projects that provide social services and promote engagement and leadership development for Toronto residents.

Lived Experience Advisory Group

Learn how Torontonians use their firsthand poverty experience to inform the City’s Poverty Reduction Strategy.

Confronting Anti-Black Racism

Learn about the City's progress in implementing the Toronto Action Plan to Confront Anti-Black Racism.

Recognition Review

Read the City’s response addressing a request to rename Dundas Street.

Policing Reform

Discussions on racial injustice, inequity and anti-Black racism within police services resulted in recommendations and actions.

Community Coordination Plan

Learn about how the City is supporting Toronto's most vulnerable residents, in partnership with United Way Greater Toronto and 400 community-based organizations.