Learn about the new Taking Action on Tower Renewal (TATR) Program aimed to increase energy efficiency and reduce greenhouse gas emissions while improving tenant comfort.


The City’s Tower Renewal programs help apartment building owners, operators and residents of older apartment towers by supporting building improvements that enhance environmental sustainability, efficiency and resident experience.

Taking Action on Tower Renewal (TATR) Program

Access low-interest loans and grants to complete retrofits in rental buildings in lower-income areas of the City or buildings with lower rents.

High-Rise Retrofit Improvement (Hi-RIS) Program

Access low-interest loans to complete retrofits that increase energy efficiency, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and improve tenant comfort.

Sustainable Towers Engaging People (STEP) Program

Benefit from a no-cost assessment of your building that results in an action report of voluntary recommendations to make your building more efficient and to improve tenant experience. You will also receive a benchmark of your building’s utilities.