Apartment Building Operators

Learn how RentSafeTO and the Tower Renewal Program can help you maintain and revitalize your apartment buildings.

Affordable Housing Partners

Find information and support for organizations building affordable rental and ownership housing for low- and moderate-income residents.

24-Hour Respite Site Operators

Find information and support for operators of 24-hour respite sites.

Emergency Shelter Operators

Find information and support for operators of emergency shelters throughout the city.

Social Housing Providers

Information and regulations for social housing operators that are partnering with the City to operate social and affordable housing available to 265,000 Torontonians.

Coordinated Access to Housing & Supports

Information about the systems-level approach for addressing homelessness and connecting people to housing with supports.

Early Learning & Child Care Partners

Information for organizations and professionals involved in the delivery of early learning and child care services.

Child Development Agency Providers

The City's Early Years program can partner with you in supporting families living in Toronto by promoting healthy child development.

Healthy Schools

The City's team of health professionals work to service school communities to create Healthy Schools.