Toronto For All is a public education initiative to generate dialogue among Toronto residents in order to create a city that says “no” to all forms of discrimination and racism, including systemic racism. Want to help? View the campaigns below to get the knowledge and skills you need to identify, question and challenge systemic barriers through a multi-staged conversational approach.

About Toronto For All

Public Education to Support Civic Resiliency

The initiative is a municipal tool that supports the civic resiliency for all Toronto residents. Civic resiliency is the capacity of a group of residents or community to adapt to the evolving complexity and diversity of their social environment by building good relationships and viewing these changes as a strength. Civic resiliency can be measured in residents’ awareness of – and engagement with – the systemic barriers that exist for people in their environment due to group membership. Implicit biases, negative attitudes, stereotypes and prejudices negatively impact our civic resiliency.

The City, as the government closest to residents, must lead public dialogue that can support the civic resiliency of Torontonians for the benefit of all Toronto residents. The initiative is also designed to support customer service improvement efforts across all City divisions by equipping staff to better understand their own biases or stereotypes that may prevent them from providing the best service to Torontonians from equity-seeking groups.