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If you need help with the selection of programs please contact Customer Service staff at 416-338-4386.

Find day camps, recreational programs and activities close to your home or work, and register online. You can refine your search by programs, age, adapted programs and other options. How to use the Registered Programs Listings.



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How to use Registered Programs Map

1 Type in your address or postal code in the Search box and click Search. You can also use FIND ME option.

2 Select your district if you want to see only Fun Guide programs for one particular district.

3 You can change the season as needed.

4 Type in the age and press enter to apply the filter.

5 Select activities from Swimming, Skating, Fitness, Sports, Arts, General Interests or After-School Recreation Care.
Please Note If you select multiple options, it will add locations for each option.
For Example if you select Skating - Learn to Skate and Swimming - Learn to Swim filters, the map will show all locations with Learn to Skate and all locations with Learn to Swim programs.

6 For accessibility programs, you can select one of the available adapted program categories, for example Adapted Swimming.

7 Click on one of the green pins on the map to see the pop-up window with location and program details. You can also use the list of locations under the map, sorted by distance from your location.

8 From the pop-up window you can browse through the list of programs offered at this location. You may also type the program name in the search programs field.
For Example if you are looking specifically for the Ultra Swim 2, select the Swim tab and type Ultra Swim 2 in the search programs field.

9 From the pop-up window when you find the programs you like at this location, click Add to My Wish List and create your own list of programs to be ready to register.

10 Click View My Wish List to see your selection of programs. You can download your selection in PDF and print it to have the list of your programs ready for the Registration. You can also bookmark your selection in your web browser.

11 You can remove all your filter options by clicking Reset map in the top right corner of the map, and start a new search.

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