Etienne Brule park is a historically significant piece of land. It was named after Etienne Brule, the first French explorer to venture beyond the St. Lawrence River into Upper Canada (Ontario). The Humber River and its shores along Etienne Brule park were once used as a major trade route by the Aboriginal Peoples of the area. It is a beautiful park stretched out along the Humber River starting near the Old Mill and winding north to the bend in the River around the Baby Point neighbourhood. Within this park you will find interpretive signage with information about the history of the area and it's traditional uses. You will also find a ball diamond, a great hiking trail and lovely spots for a small picnic along the way. Etienne Brule Park is the centre point between the Humber River, Old Mill and Marshes and the Lambton House Hotel and Lower Humber River Discovery Walks.