E.T. Seton Park is located next to the Ontario Science Centre. Named after Ernest Thompson Seton, a Scottish-Canadian author, wildlife artist and founding member of Boy Scouts of America. This park offers a beautiful setting for a hike along the West Don River Trail. E.T. Seton is part of a chain of parks in the area forming a green forested corridor to hike along the Don River. Along these trails you can often see a range of wildlife. Red squirrels, eagles, deer and a variety of song birds have all been found in the area. It is also home to the City's sole archery range. You will find everyone from beginners to Olympic athletes training at the E.T. Seton range. This archery range is free to use but unsupervised. Please consult and follow the rules posted onsite.

Special Features
WILDLIFE - Listed as a top spot to see birds in the City's Birds of Toronto Biodiversity Series booklet.