Syd Cole Park is a park in Long Branch neighbourhood that features a children's playground for kids aged 2-12 as well as horticultural planting beds, seating and a small lawn.

The Park is named after Sydney Reginald Cole, a Flight Sergeant in the 192 Squadron of the Royal Canadian Air Force in World War II. He was awarded a Distinguished Flying Medal for "great devotion to duty and exceptional courage". On June 24 1944, Cole continued to perform his duties during an attack on German U-Boats in the face of intense anti-aircraft fire and engine failure. Cole was wounded by shrapnel and abandoned the aircraft in a dinghy, where he spent the next 21 hours in the water, assisting others. He was ultimately able to save the flight Navigator's life, but the pilot, David Hornell did not survive. Cole, born in 1923, lived on Lake Promenade in Long Branch. He died in 1991.