Opened in 1998, the High Park Children's Garden and Teaching Kitchen is home to the Children's Eco Programs where children and youth can participate in organic gardening, nature education and healthy cooking programs. Contact for more information.

The Children's Garden
The Children's Garden is an organic garden with raised beds that provide a place for campers, school groups and program participants to learn how to grow fresh vegetables. Children help plant, maintain and harvest the produce to use in tasty and healthy recipes in the Teaching Kitchen. A complete restoration of the garden beds and pathways was completed in 2021. The design includes wheelchair accessible beds and a new sandbox. details more information on programming and specific features.

The Teaching Kitchen
The environmentally friendly kitchen is built with straw bales as insulation, solar panels to harvest the sun's energy and a green roof to help collect rain water and keep the kitchen cool. Its home to vegetarian cooking programs, summer Eco Camp, birthday parties and more.