Formerly known as the North York Centennial Arena, this facility was renamed May 2, 2001 to honour the former hockey star Herbert H. Carnegie who passed away in March 2012. The centre features an indoor ice rink which in the summer becomes an indoor dry pad for sports such as ball hockey and lacrosse.

About Herbert H. Carnegie
Toronto-born Carnegie, one of the first black hockey players in the semi-pros, saw his ambition to play in the National Hockey League thwarted on account of existing racial barriers of that era. As a result he was restricted to playing minor league hockey in Ontario and in Quebec's senior hockey leagues in the 1940s and 1950s. Carnegie was also a champion golfer and a successful businessman. He founded the Future Aces Hockey School in 1955 to cater to children 12 -14 years, and the in the semi-pros, which provides bursaries for post-secondary education.