This 44 hectare valley wilderness park offers more than 2 km of pedestrian/bicycle trails as well as plenty of undisturbed woodland excellent for nature walks. Park facilities include a winterized fully-accessible washroom, drinking fountains, a water tap, picnic area and fire pits. Alexander Milne first settled in the northern end of the valley now known as Wilket Creek following the War of 1812. From this period until the 1950s it was known as Milne Creek. Wilket Creek Park is known for its mature coniferous and deciduous forest communities. Mature stands of Eastern Hemlock, Sugar Maple, American Beech, Red Oak and Hop Hornbeams thrive along the valley walls. A diversity of species may be found within the valley, including such rare plants as Canada Sicklepod (Senna obtusifolia), Snakerod, and New York Fern. Some uncommon bird species have also visited during seasonal migrations.