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Bayview Arena

Address: 3230 BAYVIEW AVE

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These classes are suitable for all levels, focusing on providing a minimum of 20 minutes of cardiovascular exercises that use large muscle groups in a continuous and rhythmic manner. Most classes will also include a muscle conditioning component. Regular participation can help improve one's cardiovascular system (heart/lungs), flexibility, balance and co-ordination. Small equipment may be used.
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Gentle Fit  (60yrs and over)
Jul-06-2018 to Aug-24-2018, Fri, 9:30 - 10:30am
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BMX Bike Area1

* Facilities can be available to permit. Permit rates are dependent on facility rating of Premium, A, B or C and your group category. Use the Facility Classifications and Rating Criteria to learn more about amenities that might be available at each facility.
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Indoor Rink1

Please contact the facility at 416 395-7825, prior to your visit to determine if the facility can meet your needs.
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