Marie Curtis Park is named after the Longbranch Reeve (a small village) Mayor Marie Curtis and is one of the few beaches in North America named after a female community leader. This park was created in the late 1950's to help control flooding after Hurricane Hazel nearly swept local homes in the area out into Lake Ontario. Throughout this park, you can find an abundance of wildlife and native plants. There is a playground, wading pool, a public swimming beach, picnic spots and walking trails including a connection to the Waterfront Trail. You will always find something to do at Marie Curtis Park. The fenced Dogs Off-Leash Area allows Commercial Dog Walkers.

Lakeview Waterfront Connection: Along the Mississauga shoreline, the Region of Peel and Credit Valley Conservation are planning a naturalized conservation area, adjacent to Marie Curtis Park, that will create a hub for passive waterfront recreation, and a spot for wildlife migration. The new greenspace will connect Marie Curtis park to the Inspiration Lakeview lands. City of Toronto Parks Staff are providing input into the design of the new greenspace and the interface with Marie Curtis Park.