The Winterlicious and Summerlicious programs were created by the City of Toronto to promote Toronto’s unique hospitality industry, showcase Toronto’s diverse cuisine, profile dining experiences at a range of price points and generate economic activity for the restaurant industry during slower times of business.

Since their inception in 2003 Winterlicious and Summerlicious programs have served more than 8 million meals at participating restaurants and generated more than $353 million of economic activity for the industry.

Restaurants interested in applying to participate in Winterlicious or Summerlicious should review the program overview, eligibility criteria and application process before completing and submitting an online application.


Winterlicious and Summerlicious aim to:

  • Support Toronto’s restaurants during slower times of business
  • Generate economic activity for the restaurant industry
  • Encourage residents to engage with restaurants on-premises and enjoy the in-restaurant dining experience
  • Celebrate Toronto’s diverse culinary offerings

Program Details

  • Participating restaurants must offer three-course prix fixe menu(s) for lunch and/or dinner, during their regular business hours and for in-restaurant dining (both indoor and patio, if available).
  • Prix fixe menu(s) must consist of appetizer or starter, main and dessert, and offer a minimum of three options per course.
  • Prix fixe menu(s) must be priced at one of the program’s expanded range of price point categories.

New for 2024

  • A process that integrates elements of both the modified and traditional versions of Winterlicious and Summerlicious.
  • To continue to support the local industry and limit barriers to restaurant participation, the expanded range of price points with six categories implemented in the modified version of the program remains, as does a reduced fee for confirmed participants only.
  • Participation in Winterlicious and Summerlicious is based on a two-step process:
    • Restaurants will first complete an online application to determine their eligibility and price point category
    • Eligible restaurants will then register to confirm their interest in participating prior to each session of the program

Price point categories for three-course prix fixe menus

Listed prices are per person, for food only; beverages, tax and gratuity not included:

  • $20 Lunch / $25 Dinner
  • $27 Lunch / $35 Dinner
  • $34 Lunch / $45 Dinner
  • $41 Lunch / $55 Dinner
  • $48 Lunch / $65 Dinner
  • $55 Lunch / $75 Dinner

To participate in Winterlicious and Summerlicious restaurants must:

  • Be an existing table-service restaurant
  • Be located in the City of Toronto
  • Possess a current Toronto Public Health Green DineSafe pass
  • Possess a valid City of Toronto Municipal Licensing & Standards Eating Establishment Licence, starting with B71
  • Demonstrate that the average price of a three-course meal from the restaurant’s regular dinner menu meet the minimum requirement as listed in the Price Point Categories table below
  • Agree to meet the terms and conditions of participation, including but not limited to program and prix fixe menu details and determination of price point category

For Multiple Location Restaurants

Restaurants with multiple locations of the same name and menu (i.e., a chain) are eligible to apply for consideration to participate with one location only.

Determining Price Point Categories

The price point category for the prix fixe menu will be determined by the average price of a three-course meal from a restaurant’s regular dinner menu at the time of application. If a restaurant does not serve dinner, the lunch menu can be used.

Based on the mathematical average, the restaurant will select a program price point category, using the dinner price, that is less than their average three-course meal from their regular dinner menu at the time of application, and also meets the requirements for a competitive value offering. For calculating the average, do not use a cheque average which yields different results than a mathematical average.

Winterlicious and Summerlicious Price Point Categories
Price Point Categories Minimum Requirements for Regular Menu

Average Price Point for a three-course meal

$20 Lunch / $25 Dinner $23 Lunch / $28 Dinner
$27 Lunch / $35 Dinner $31 Lunch / $40 Dinner
$34 Lunch / $45 Dinner $38 Lunch / $51 Dinner
$41 Lunch / $55 Dinner $46 Lunch / $62 Dinner
$48 Lunch / $65 Dinner $54 Lunch / $73 Dinner
$55 Lunch / $75 Dinner $62 Lunch / $85 Dinner

Restaurants are encouraged to offer their prix fixe menu(s) at a competitive price point that will still provide a value to consumers and to consider what would motivate consumers to select their restaurant and prix fixe menu during the promotion.

If a restaurant is open for lunch and dinner, their lunch prix fixe menu will be priced at the corresponding lunch price of the selected dinner price point category. If a restaurant is not open for lunch, they only need to offer the dinner prix fixe menu.

Applications will be reviewed and verified for accuracy to ensure the selected price point is lower than the average price of a three-course meal from their regular menu.

Once an application submission is reviewed and a restaurant is determined to have met all criteria, including the appropriate price point category based on their regular dinner menu, they will be notified of their eligibility and next steps, including registration for the upcoming promotion.

The online application will determine a restaurant’s eligibility and price point category for Winterlicious and Summerlicious participation. Once determined, this eligibility will remain valid for a two-year period or four sessions of the program.

This means that an eligible restaurant will not have to apply for each program within the two-year period. They will only need to register to participate in the next program, if interested. Eligible restaurants will be notified of registration dates in advance of the next program.

If an eligible restaurant changes ownership or increases their regular menu prices to a degree which may affect their previously chosen price point category, they can apply again before the deadline for the next program within the two-year period.

Submitted applications will be reviewed to ensure all criteria are met and price point calculations are verified. Following this process, restaurant applicants will be notified of their eligibility status and their price point category will be confirmed. Registration information and next steps will be provided to all eligible restaurants.

How to Apply

Complete the application form below. Applications for eligibility can be submitted at any time before the deadline for the next session of the program.

Upcoming application deadline

Summerlicious 2024: accepted on or before February 20, 2024

Complete the Application

For any questions about the application process, please contact

Confirmation of Receipt

Confirmation of receipt of your application is automatically shown as part of the “thank you page” at the end of the online application when it is fully completed and submitted. Print or save a copy of your application for your own records.

Eligible restaurants will be notified by letter or email to register for participation prior to each upcoming session of Winterlicious and Summerlicious. Registration will take place on predetermined registration dates.

Eligible restaurants must register to participate. Once registered, the restaurant’s participation will be confirmed and next steps will be provided.

Restaurants confirmed as participants must pay a fee and agree to all Winterlicious and Summerlicious Terms and Conditions of participation.

Upcoming registration dates

Summerlicious 2024: April 2024

The Winterlicious and Summerlicious Advisory Board will review applications for consideration to participate in Winterlicious or Summerlicious, verify price point categories and issue notification letters regarding applicants’ eligibility.

The advisory board will also provide advice and support to ensure the continuing success and sustainability of the City of Toronto’s bi-annual restaurant program, Winterlicious and Summerlicious.

The advisory board is made up of representatives from Toronto’s restaurant industry, culinary schools and associations.