Surrounded by over 55 acres of conservation land in the heart of North York, the outdoor NAture ORiented CAmp (NAORCA) is filled with true camp spirit – a day camp that has the feel of a traditional overnight camp.

For over 60 years, Camp NAORCA has provided Torontonians with a unique camp experience and an opportunity to create memories that will last a lifetime. Camp NAORCA staff allow campers to gain a greater awareness of, and appreciation for, nature and the environment through daily outdoor activities. Activities include hikes, crafts, music, archery, swimming, workshops, special events and more.

Campers must be the required age by the program start date, as age overrides aren’t provided.

Camper Sections and Ages

Specific program plans are designed for each age group, to meet their skill set and interests.

  • Bluejays – 4 ½ to 5 years
  • Falcons – 6 years
  • Skyhawks – 7 to 8 years
  • T-Birds – 9 to 10 years
  • Eagles- 11 years
  • Pathfinders – 12 to 14 years
  • Counsellor-In-Training Camp (CIT) – 15 years +

We do not accept requests for friends and/or family to be placed in the same group.

Integration and support for campers with special needs

We welcome and include children and youth with special needs or disabilities to register for camp. Due to the high demand of City support staff, a maximum of two weeks of support can be provided across all camp programs.

If you’d like to register for more than two weeks of camp or provide your own support worker, please call the Camp NAORCA office directly at 416-395-0150.

If your child requires a staff to support them, please note the following important information:

  • Register campers using a Camp NAORCA Special Needs Program Barcode only. Using the mainstream barcodes (e.g. Bluejays, Falcons, etc) will not get your child the support they need.
  • If programs are full, please place the camper on the waitlist. In an attempt to accommodate as many campers as possible, we follow up with waitlisted campers if a spot becomes available.
  • All registered participants will be contacted by Camp NAORCA staff in early spring to arrange an assessment meeting. An assessment meeting is a requirement before camp starts, in order to gauge the compatibility of Camp NAORCA with the dynamics of each child who has additional needs.
  • If you had an assessment meeting already with a City staff in the fall or winter, you may still need to conduct one again with Camp NAORCA staff, due to the unique nature of our facility setting and program).
  • Once camp begins, your child will be integrated with the other campers in their age group and will be assigned an additional staff support. The additional staff provided will be available during camp program hours only – not during bus pick up, drop off and travel.

Pathfinder Camping Trip for 12 to 14-year olds

In addition to registering for the pathfinder program barcode, pathfinder campers have the option of registering for a two-night/three-day camping trip to a nearby provincial park. These camping trips are designed to help foster independence and develop camping skills. Under the supervision of Staff, campers will enjoy playing an active role in the set-up of a campsite and preparation of campfire meals. They will also help plan and participate in daily physical activities and specialized evening programming around the campfire.

Note: There is an additional fee to register for this camping trip. A separate off-location trip permission form and information package will be sent home on the first day of each session.

Counsellor-in-training (C.I.T) Program for 15 years +

Camp NAORCA offers an exceptional quality leadership program for youth 15+ years. C.I.T’s attend on-site theory workshops with their peers, to learn about such topics as:

  • communication
  • conflict resolution
  • child development
  • leadership

The remainder of the time, C.I.T’s are assigned a supervised job shadowing placement, within the camp. Our program provides an opportunity to gain valuable experience in assisting our counsellors with daily camp activities. Youth with special needs/disabilities are welcome to register and must be able to participate independently in the C.I.T. program.

Registered participants will be contacted prior to the commencement of this program.

Camp NAORCA operates daily from 9 a.m. – 4 p.m. (no extended hours are available).

We offer 4 sessions. Each session is 9 or 10 days.

When you register for your camp please also select a bus stop pickup location. Bus transportation is offered at no additional costs, but seats are limited. Camp NAORCA bus stops span across the North York District only.This service is provided by a professional school bus company.

If parents/guardians wish to drive campers to camp and don’t need bus service, register for the Camp NAORCA Sign In/Out barcode for your camp date:

  • July 6 – 17 use barcode 3269245
  • July 20 – 31 use barcode 3269269
  • August 4 – 14 use barcode 3269279
  • August 17 – 28 use barcode 3269309

Information packages will be e-mailed out to registered participants at the beginning of May. If you’ve registered after this time, call or email us to get your package.

Children need to be provided with lunch, drinks and snacks from home. Litter-less meals are strongly encouraged.

Camp staff will e-mail all registered participants a few days prior to the start of each session, to confirm bus stop times, what to wear, what to bring etc.

For a complete listing of program barcodes and bus stop locations/barcodes, please see the City of Toronto North York District Fun Guide and search for the Camp NAORCA page in the Summer Camp section.

Ontario Camps Association logo

Camp NAORCA is a member of, and has been accredited by, the Ontario Camps Association (OCA) since 1967.