Contact 311 to submit a service request, to report a dog off leash in a City park outside of an off leash area.

The City of Toronto Municipal Code requires that all dogs must be on a leash and in the care and control of a person. Dogs must remain leashed in public, unless in designated dogs off-leash areas. Your dog must be kept on a leash no more than two metres long. You must be holding on to the leash; leashing your dog to a pole or bike rack is not allowed. You can be fined if your dog is off-leash.

The Parks Bylaw states that dogs are permitted off-leash below the snow fence line (from the fence to the beach), at Kew-Balmy Beach and Woodbine Beach, between November 1 and March 31. No enforcement action can be taken during this time.

You can find dog off-leash areas in your neighbourhood and view amenities, such as small dog designation, fenced, availability for use by commercial dog walkers.

Pick up after your dog on private and public property and put dog waste in a Green Bin. The City has Green Bins for organic waste in all dog off-leash areas in parks, other select locations in parks and a few street litter bins that accept dog waste across the city.

Further information on regulations for dog owners, requirements to keep dogs on leash, fines for a dog off-leash, visit the City of Toronto website.

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